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My favorite part of my zsh config

As in: read more

A Little Landscape Toy

Been a moment since I've posted! Got a bunch of ideas at like 60% polish, so I figure I'll post a work in progress. Here's a little toy that came out of "hey can I do isometric graphics using CSS for layout?" The answer is: yes, and it's gnarly: read more

Image Recycler

Done with that worn-out old JPEG? Dusty PNG? Why not recycle it into a new image! read more

How Works

I claimed at some point I'd talk about the code that powers this website, and seeing as it recently underwent a minor renovation, now's as good as any a time to pop the hood! I, like so many developers, suffer from the "roll my own" website affliction. This is a chronic, and often terminal, diagnosis; but largely benign overall other than the deleterious effect on post rate, as the temptation to tinker is right there. I think one's own online home is a great testbed for trying things out, provided the end state is a good DX for yourself to use. Alas, the cobbler's children are frequently unshod. For evidence, see also: this website. read more

range-num, a useful little web vanilla web component

I'm working on a few small demos and a thing I often find myself needing is a combination input[type="range"] with some sort of label, or even an input[type="number"] showing the same value. I decided to package those together in a tiny vanilla web component called range-num, and I've made it publicly available via npm and github. read more

Marching Squares and Metaballs

Simulating Slime Mold